Patient Appreciation Raffle

We wanted to know …

“How has New Town Dental Arts impacted your life?”

Here are some of our entrants and their submissions:

“…I am no longer TERRIFIED of going to the dentist!!!”

April E.

"I'm 81 years old and am very pleased with the care and instructions that I receive from Dr. Springmann and the team at New Town Dental Arts. The main impact on my life (in addition to saving my teeth AND keeping my gums healthy) is that I can now tell my granddaughters that I figured out how to take my first "selfie" with my iPhone (that they insisted I needed).

Carol F.

"There are so many ways in which I have benefited, the disappearance of phobia and fear; my vastly improved smile; my dental, oral, general health; perhaps most significant however, has been my realization of how capable and giving people can be when they are dedicated to it – this I learned from my many visits to this practice over the years and while observing the doctors and young and younger women who make up your fine team."

Doug S.

“We are not much in the photo department but, we want to have a chance to let others know how important New Town Dental Arts has been to us over the last 17 years. It seems Dr. Springmann was just a young girl when we met her, but we came to appreciate her knowledge, skill and dedication to her love of dentistry. She has gently taught us how crucial good dental care is to one's overall health. Like your eyes, your teeth have so many markers that tell about your total health.  

We have had many procedures while in her care, some routine and some a bit more demanding. She has always been informative and gentle. Her staff of talented technicians and assistants are always very friendly and reassuring as they lead us through the process, whatever it is. 

We are proud to call the folks at New Town Dental Arts friends and we are so proud of all they do to enhance our community. They give to us individually and certainly make Williamsburg an amazing place to be, knowing that health care is a major focus for many in our area. Thank you Dr. Springmann and New town Dental Arts.

Marcia and Tom K.

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